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Romantic Baton Rouge Wedding Photographer

Traditionally, couples wait to see each other until the ceremony. As a Romantic Baton Rouge Wedding Photographer, I love the emotion I capture when the couple sees each other for the first time during the ceremony. But there’s also the option to have a first look. A first look is when the couple decides to see each other privately before the ceremony. Today I wanted to talk about the advantages of having a first look.

  1. Alone time – Your wedding day is a whirlwind. So much is happening and you want to make sure you have time for everything. A first look allows you to have time alone together before the ceremony and reception. This time allows you two to have some time to enjoy each other during your busy day before everything becomes hectic.
  2. More pictures together – After the ceremony, there will be so much going on. There will be lots of pictures with your family, greeting guests, cake, toasts, and dancing. Having a first look means that you will already have lots of photos already taken of the two of you. You can focus on family and bridal party photos after the ceremony. There’s less stress about making sure you stick to your timeline because you already have tons of photos of the two of you together. And if you’re still on track with your timeline, you can have your first photos taken as a married couple.
  3. You look your best – Let’s be real. This is south Louisiana. It’s hot more often than not. So why not have more photos taken when your clothes and makeup are fresh? No need to worry if you’ve sweated off your makeup or if you’ve sweated through your tux or gown.

To add a personal note, I myself decided on a first look for my wedding. I have beautiful pictures of me and my husband as we first saw each other on that special day. The emotion was still there. Plus he cracked some of his cheesy jokes I’ve become all too familiar with and there are great photos of us laughing too. That’s not something we would have had if we skipped the first look. We both still had all the emotions during the ceremony. Having a  first look didn’t take away anything from the ceremony.

I hope this blog helped you understand some of the advantages of a first look. If you aren’t set on going the traditional route, I highly recommend considering having one.

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Romantic Baton Rouge Photographer

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