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Most photographers start out only using natural light. Some will always be natural light only photographers. Natural light can be truly beautiful and I love natural light for my outdoor work. But for studio photography, I prefer using a strobe light. As a baby photographer in Baton Rouge, I love the look I get with my studio light. Today I thought I’d talk about why I use studio lights in my newborn photography.

Unpredictable lighting situations

As of right now, I travel to my clients. This puts me in lots of different lighting scenarios. With a studio light, I’m able to get a consistent look with my images even in the least ideal lighting situations. I want my clients to know exactly what to expect when they hire me. I’m able to do that with my light. This pretty much ties in to my number two…


Part of being professional is consistency. I want all my images to look a certain way. It’s my style. While I’m sure I could achieve the same look without my light, why make my job more difficult then it has to be?


I have so much more control over everything with my studio light. I can move my light around and create entirely different looks. Two different photographers can create entirely different styles using the same light at different angles. It’s really amazing to see. I developed my own style after playing around with angles.

With a studio light, there is so much more I’m able to do with my photography without worrying about where the most light is in my client’s home. I just need a outlet to plug into and I’m ready to go.

Mariko Searing is a baby photographer in Baton Rouge. She loves to photography newborns and specializes in maternity through the first year. To book, go to the contact page or email at [email protected].

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