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4 Reasons I Love Being A Newborn Photographer | Baton Rouge Baby Photos

baby wrapped holding tiny rabbit by newborn photographer in Baton Rouge Baton Rouge baby photos

I love being a photographer. I love to capture memories that families will treasure. I especially love being a newborn photographer. I want your Baton Rouge baby photos to be cherished because that’s such a precious and important time in my client’s lives. So I thought I’d make a list of the reason why I love being a newborn photographer.

I get to snuggle babies

I love babies. I love how they smell. I love how tiny they are. I especially love to hold babies. I won’t lie I used to be scared of holding newborns. That was before I had kids of my own. I had held maybe one or two newborns before I became a mom. But once I did, I couldn’t get enough of them. My kids are growing and getting big, but I still get to hold little ones.

I get to be see families grow

There are only a few really big life changing events in a person’s life. A brand new baby is one of them. I get to see first time parents and families that have added another to their growing gamily. I see the love they have for their newest little one. I’ve become more sentimental as I’ve gotten older and seen my own children grow. I’ve really come to understand the love you can have for your brand new baby. And I love to see that new love for a tiny newborn my clients only just met.

I get to preserve memories

I really am honored that my clients want me to preserve their memories. These memories are not replaceable. Newborns grow so fast and before you know it, their walking and talking. This is a time they will never get back. So I love that I can come in and protect those memories for these families.

I get to live out my dream

Before I became a newborn photographer I would admire other newborn photographers. I love all genres of photography, but I’ve always been particularly drawn to newborn photography. So now I’m not just looking at other photographers work, I get to create beautiful images of my own. And I absolutely love it.

So that’s why I love being a newborn photographer. I hope you got some insight into my love for newborn photography.

Mariko Searing, photographer and creator of Baton Rouge baby photos, serves the Baton Rouge area. She provides her services to Baton Rouge, Central, Walker, Denham Springs, Prairieville, and Gonzales are residents. If you would like more information about a newborn session, please contact me at [email protected] or head on over to my contact page.

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  1. It sounds like you have found the best of multiple worlds: your love of newborn babies as well as your passion for the magic of photography.

  2. Completely agree with each one of these! Snuggling babies is by far my favorite part of it! Baton Rouge area is lucky to have such a talented newborn photographer!

  3. I have followed you a while now and I think that you are the best newborn photographer in Baton Rouge. I enjoyed reading this as your love for this work shines right off of the screen <3

  4. I love these reasons! Baton Rouge is lucky to have such a talented and passionate newborn photographer like yourself!

  5. I love how open you are about your love for newborn photography! Baton Rouge is so luck to have a photographer like you in their midst!

  6. Those are great reasons to love being newborn photographer! And I bet you have to have lots of patience too! Baton Rouge is lucky to have such a talented photographer!

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