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Nursing your baby can be hard. Everyone makes it seem so easy and since it’s natural you’re supposed to just know how to do it. But as a Denham Springs Newborn Photographer and mom of three, I’ve had lots of experience with trying to nurse my children. I’ve had lots of successes and some failures. Whether you decide that nursing is for you or not, a happy fed baby is the most important part. Always keep that in mind.

I actually had a tough time nursing my oldest child and eventually decided formula would make me a happier more capable mom. But when I got pregnant again I wanted to make another attempt. Here are a few things I learned that helped me along the way.

It’s ok to ask for help.

If you give birth at a hospital or birth center, they typically have lactation consultants on staff to help and answer your questions. Don’t be afraid to ask. Don’t be afraid to ask as many times as you need to get help. Both you and your baby are learning how to nurse. There’s also the La Leche League – Baton Rouge group if you need help nursing. If you aren’t local, you can look on the main website for a group local to you. They also have an international website.

“It’s not supposed to hurt”

This isn’t quite true. In the beginning when you’re getting used to nursing you will be sore. Once you get used to it, the soreness goes away. Now if you are having intense sharp pain, that’s definitely something to get checked out. There are lots of reasons why you’re in pain and getting help can get to the root of the problem.

Nipple Cream is your best friend

I once slacked on the nipple cream. Bad decision. After that I  made sure I always had some with me. My favorite is Lasinoh lanolin. I tried other creams that aren’t animal based but they didn’t work for me. Nipple cream keeps your nipples from drying, cracking, and bleeding.

Meet your best friend’s best friend, nursing pads. 

Leaking isn’t fun. Leaking while out when you have a strong let down is really not fun. Along with my trusty tube of lanolin I also kept nursing pads with me. There are the disposable kind as well as re-usable cloth options.

A good nursing bra is like hitting the lottery.

I’ve had lots of nursing bras. Since I was susceptible to clogs and mastitis, I avoided underwire so I didn’t make the situation worse. But investing in a good nursing bra was well worth it. Look at European or Australian  brands too like Cake Lingerie. if you’re having trouble finding ones that work locally.

There you have it. My personal breastfeeding tips. I hope they help make breastfeeding a little easier.

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