5 Tips For Buying Your Wedding Dress

As a Baton Rouge wedding photographer I’ve seen many beautiful wedding dresses. As a former bride I’ve tried on many wedding dresses. Finding the perfect dress can be stressful. So for today’s blog post I compiled some wedding dress buying tips from other brides as well as my own wedding dress buying experience. I hope it helps you as you go off to your dress appointments and say yes to your dream dress.

Bring A Strapless Bra

While this tip may not be mandatory depending on the type of dresses you try on, it’s always good to have one just in case. Many dress types do already have built in cups so a bra may not be necessary at all. But sheath dresses are definitely a dress type that you may want to make sure you have a bra to wear while trying it on.

Try On More Than One Style

So you’ve got your heart set on that ball gown/mermaid/a-line/etc. style of wedding dress. You may have even dreamed of it for years. But when the time comes to actually try on the dress you should also consider different styles. You may say yes to that style you’ve had your heart set on, but you may also be surprised and fall in love with something you never thought you’d like.

What Doesn’t Look Good On A Hanger, May Be The One For You

Some dresses just don’t look all that great on a hanger. But they weren’t designed to be seen on hangers. They were designed to be worn. So give that dress that may look tragic on a hanger a try. You may be surprised and it looks AH-MAZING on you.

Take Pictures

What you see in the mirror may be different then what everyone else sees. Take pictures of yourself in each dress you try on so you can see what it looks like on you from another point of view.

Buy A Dress You Love

I know this sounds obvious, but sometimes you can let yourself be talked into a dress by someone else. Remember this is your dress and your wedding. You don’t want to look back on your beautiful wedding photos and only see a dress you don’t like. While other’s opinions are always helpful, it’s ultimately up to you which dress make you look and feel your best for such a momentous day.

I hope this blog post helped gave you some tips as you get ready to shop for your dream dress. To read more wedding tips please take a look as some of my other blog posts.

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