7 Tips for Dealing with Rain on Your Wedding Day

You’ve planned the perfect day down to the last detail. Your outdoor wedding is going to be gorgeous. All you’ve dreamed about as the big approaches is your perfect sunset wedding ceremony. The last thing you’ve thought of is how to deal with rain on your wedding day. But now it’s your wedding day and the skies are dark and rain is threatening to fall. If you’ve taken some of the advice in this blog post you have nothing to worry about. And if you haven’t made a rain plan for your wedding then you definitely need to stick around and read my 7 tips for dealing with rain on your wedding day.

Have an alternative ceremony location

Make sure your vendors have a rain plan and are ready for it

If your chosen ceremony location is out in the open you’ll want to have an alternate ceremony location that can be ready to go with just a few minute’s notice. Most all-inclusive venues have an alternative location and staff that can set it up lightning-fast, but if your venue doesn’t already have a plan, you should make sure you have one ready just in case.

It was touch and go before Hannah and Clayton’s wedding ceremony since it started raining 15 minutes before the ceremony. Fortunately their venue was ready with both an indoor plan as well as staff ready to dry off chairs outdoors when the rain stopped.

If you already have a wedding planner they’re probably already on top of this, but if not, make sure your vendors are ready for the possibility of rain. Hair and makeup can be affected by humidity. Your DJ or band may need to take precautions to protect equipment from the rain. Adding a tent to your table and chair rental might be a good idea. Plus as a bonus, white tents act as a giant reflector for your photographer if you’re having an evening wedding. 

Consider the time of year when you set a date

Rain can happen in Louisiana at any time of year. But there’s actually a rainy season that you might want to avoid. Most of the rain in Louisiana falls between April and September. Dry season is from October to March. Since you probably already know that rain in Louisiana seems to come out of nowhere and will disappear just as fast, it might be a safer bet to get married in the dry season.

man kissing woman's forehead under unbrellas
I keep clear umbrella’s from Amazon around in case of rain.

Embrace the rain

Pick up some clear umbrellas from amazon. I have a couple myself that I keep around for rainy days. They serve a dual purpose since they protect you from the rain and they look great in photos. Something else to consider is a cute pair of rain boots. If you control the rain you might as well embrace it.

Have alternative portrait locations

If the location you’re set on for your wedding portraits isn’t ideal if it’s been raining, you definitely want to find a backup spot. One that won’t be affected by the rain or have the possibility of mud that could ruin your wedding clothes. The rain has a way of transforming a location so keep your mind open for locations that would look better in the rain.

Protect your wedding dress

The easiest way to protect your dress is to opt for a shorter dress. But if your dream dress is a traditional long dress there are a few things you can do to protect it. You can get the hem of your dress sprayed with something like Scotchguard. But since I’m sure your dress isn’t easily replaceable, I’d recommend getting it done professionally at a dry cleaner. This is something that a pro should handle. 

Have extra towels on hand

It certainly doesn’t hurt to have extra towels on hand just in case to dry off or clean up. There’s nothing worse than having to spend the day soaking wet after being caught in the rain.  Bring extras for your wedding party and guests too. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it too.

Even with all the planning in the world, there are some things that will always be out of your control. The weather on your wedding day is one of those things. Hopefully, you’re able to be prepared for the rain on your big day so that you have less stress and are still able to enjoy your wedding day.

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