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As the days led up to this engagement session, we all were worried that we might have to re-schedule. As a Baton Rouge wedding photographer, I know that weather in Southeast Louisiana can change at the drop of a hat. Fortunately the rain stayed away and I got to have an engagement session with this beautiful couple at Arsenal Park in Baton Rouge.. Amy and David were a joy to work with and so easy going. They were up for everything I asked them to do. I have to applaud Amy for doing it all in those heels. Not an easy feat at all. I brought the umbrellas as a *just* in case, but we really didn’t need them. I figured why not use them anyway! I think they turned out great.

Couple holding each other under tree

Couple holding hands under tree

couple holding hands

Couple holding each other with foreheads touching

engagement ring on a rose

couple sitting on s bench

couple standing with umbrellas

man kissing woman's forehead under unbrellas

couple standing under a tree

I wish Amy and David all the best as the get ready to spend the rest of their lives together. They are such a sweet couple and all around great people.

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