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I know that baby led weaning may just seem like another natural mama crunchy idea, but it’s more than that. As a Baton Rouge baby photographer and mom of three, I’ve tried just about every feeding option there is. I didn’t even try baby led weaning until my second child. But in the end, it really was my best option.

With my first, when he was ready for solid food, I decided I’d be healthy and natural with him and make his food myself. I gathered all kinds of veggies and boiled them until they were soft. Then I blended the soft veggies and stored them away. It was great! Then life caught up to me and I just couldn’t keep up. I ended up resorting to jarred food. But he’s happy and healthy and that’s what matters in the end.

With my second I decided to go with this thing I had heard of called baby led weaning. You essentially give your baby very soft veggies in the beginning and then move on to soft table food. Now why didn’t I try to make my own food or go back to jarred food? The answer is simple. I had no time. I was juggling two kids and I just didn’t have to time to make dinner, make plates for the adults and my son, and then sit and feed the baby. By the end of it I just never got the chance to eat myself. It was far easier to put some soft food on the baby’s tray and let her go to town. I got to watch my kids try new foods on their own and figure out their likes and dislikes. My middle child ate everything you gave her. She’s still my best eater and willing to try all things new. The baby was pickier. That still hasn’t changed.

So when you’re making the decision on feeding options for your baby, give baby led weaning a look. It might not be for you, or it might be perfect. I personally found it was perfect my kids and our family.

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  1. These are wonderful tips for moms! I love all the wonderful photos you take as the very vest Baton Rouge newborn photographer but also the helpful guidance you give your clients!

  2. What a great newborn photographer who not only provides portraits but also great advice for new moms! I know switching to solid foods was such a tough transition for me! The families in Baton Rouge are so lucky to have you!

  3. I love coming back to your page and read all of these helpful tips. I also admire you as a newborn photographer in Baton Rouge.

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