Baby Photographer in Baton Rouge, LA | 4 Tips for a Successful Milestone Session

baby crying with ballon in a studio by baby photographer Baton Rouge, LA


Your little one is growing up and is no longer a tiny newborn. What better way to make sure you capture each of those moments as a baby than to have a milestone session! As a baby photographer in Baton Rouge, LA, I know how important it is to have those memories of your baby since they change so much in the first years. So here are a few tips to make sure those milestone sessions go smoothly.

1. Session Time

Scheduling your session at the optimal time for your baby is very important. I know that babies are totally unpredictable and will decide to completely change their normal schedule at the most inconvenient time, but try to avoid anytime near nap time when you schedule your session. Grumpy babies tend to not take the best photos.

2. Bring a Snack

A hungry baby is a cranky baby. Actually that works out for people in general, especially kids and babies. Bring a favorite snack or drink to make sure your baby doesn’t get hungry. Be sure to pack any snacks the day or night before so you don’t forget them.

3. Clothing

Chose a few outfits to bring for your baby to wear. This will ensure some variety in your images. Try to avoid neon colors as those do not photography well. Large logos are also distracting. Try to keep clothing simple and not too busy so that all the focus is on your sweet baby.

4. Bring Something Special

It’s great to include something special to you or your baby in your session. You could include your baby’s favorite lovey or something passed down in your family. It’s a great way to personalize your baby’s session.

I hope these tips were helpful for when you’re getting ready for your baby’s milestone session. If you would like to schedule a milestone session with Mariko Searing, baby photographer in Baton Rouge, LA, please contact me at [email protected]

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