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As a Baton Rouge Louisiana baby photographer, I love getting to meet a new babies. I have to admit I’m baby obsessed. So what better job to have than to be a newborn photographer? This sweet little guy was so sweet and laid back. We breezed right through his session. His mom wanted more neutral colors and I have to admit, she was spot on with the color palette. His dark hair (look how much there is!!!!!!) really stands out with the creams and browns.

wrapped baby in mom's arm and in a crate by newborn photographer in Baton Rouge

I really love this pose with babies and their mamas. I love how sweet the baby looks. And you really can feel the love the new mama has for her brand new little one.

wrapped baby in bowl and wrapped posed baby by newborn photographer in Baton Rouge

Just look how snuggled up and cozy he looks. Who knew a bowl could be a comfy place to hang out and take a nap? now if they only made these in adult sizes…

I love how you can see how tiny his toes are in this photo. One of my favorite things about newborns is how tiny their fingers and toes are. It’s no secret I love wrapped babies. I love to find new and interesting poses for wrapped babies. And I have to admit, this one looks so sweet on the beanbag all wrapped up.

baby laying on side and baby laying on hands by newborn photographer in Baton Rouge

Now we can get a good like at his full head of hair. There’s so much! I can’t get over how much hair this little guy has. I couldn’t wait to get to show off his full head of hair in these photos.

Mariko Searing, is the owner and photographer behind Mariko Searing Photography and a Baton Rouge Louisiana baby photographer. She specializes in newborn and babies. If you would like to find out more about a session for you little one, please contact her HERE or email [email protected]

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  1. This is such a beautiful newborn session. I love his hair!! Baton Rouge is lucky to have a newborn photographer as wonderful as yourself!

  2. These images are super adorable. I can see your obsession with the newborns in your photos. You are truly a great photographer! Do you have a studio in Baton Rouge?

  3. Oh goodness!! His hair!! You really have an eye for newborn photography. You are one of the best in Baton Rouge!! I love your style!!

  4. EEEK! everything about this gallery is SO stinking cute! Is your studio in Baton Rouge? My friend is in that area and will be looking for a newborn/baby photographer very soon.

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