Baton Rouge Child Photographer | Hanging Out With Mr. L

I had a great time hanging out with Mr. L. As a Baton Rouge Child Photographer, I love being about to hang out and really capture the personalities of children. Even though it was hot out, Mr. L wasn’t short of laughs and giggles. He was convinced he could see my eye in my lens and when I clicked the shutter he could see me blink.

boy rolling in field laughing by Baton Rouge Photographer

He deciding that rolling in the grass was a great way to rest while the silly lady taking photos made funny faces at him.

boy standing in field laughing by Baton Rouge photographer

He wasn’t shy at all to show me his big cheesy grin. His big grin really was part of his personality and I’m glad I was able to capture that and share it with his parents.

boy sitting in field giggling by Baton Rouge Photographer


At one point I may have convinced him he had ants in my hands. I may have told him he must have ants in his hands because he couldn’t seem to keep them still. After much inspection he determined he was ant free.

boy standing in field smiling by Baton Rouge Photographer

Just a small more serious moment from Mr. L. I love the giggles and the more serious faces.

boy sitting in front of barn sticking tounge out by Baton Rouge Photographer

I couldn’t help but also include this one. Who doesn’t love a silly image of a child sticking their tongue out at you? I may have stuck my tongue back out at him. It became a fun game back and forth and a few raspberry may have escaped.

I love being able to hang out take images of children. If you would like to book Baton Rouge Child Photographer, Mariko Searing, please contact me here.

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