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Well hello there! I figured that the best way to start my very first blog post was to introduce my self. My name is Mariko (Mah-ree-ko) Searing and I am a Baton Rouge, Louisiana photographer. I specialize in children and babies. I’m the mother of three rather spirited children. They most certainly keep my on my toes at all times. I have been married for 8 years to my wonderful husband. We have a rather sweet and very old dog named Geisha. She’s definitely taken being an elderly dog seriously and spends most days and night sleeping. When she’s not sleeping, she’s finding a new spot to sleep in.

I, like many moms that pick up a camera, got my first DSLR to take photos of my children to capture those memories. Well at the time I just had one child, but that’s not the point. I have always been an artist of some kind, and I loved finding a new medium to express myself as well as preserve memories I wanted to keep. Honestly, it’s probably a good thing I switched mediums as I was landscape painter using mostly acrylic paint. I never was all that great at painting portraits. With photography I can create portraits that match the vision I have in my head.

So why did I decide to become a professional photographer? I wanted to help others get the same warm fuzzy feeling I get when I look at an image of my children. That feeling is one that should be shared. I want my clients to be able to have a photo that they can pass down to their children or grandchildren. I want them to be able to look at their images and bring back the memories of their child at that time. Because as we all know, kids grow up in the blink of an eye.

So now you know a little bit more about me and why I do what I do. I hope you leave this blog post feeling like you know me just a little bit better.

Mariko Searing is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana photographer specializing in children and babies. If you would like to schedule a consult with me please contact me here.

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