Baton Rouge, Louisiana Photographer | What’s In My Camera Bag?

On National Camera Day I shared a little bit about my camera and camera bag on Instagram and Facebook. Well as a Baton Rouge, Louisiana photographer I thought it’d share more about what’s in my camera bag.

Nikon d750 in studio by Baton Rouge photographer

My main camera is my Nikon D750. It’s my dream camera. I started out with Nikon, but got curious and went over to Sony for a little while. I really shouldn’t have strayed, because nothing was going to make me happy by my dream camera.

nikon d3200 in studio by Baton Rouge photographer

I also have a Nikon D3200 as my backup camera. I sold my very first DSLR, a Nikon D90, for my D3200. It’s a great starter camera and has served me well. My beautiful blue camera strap is from Peak Design. It’s called the Peak Design Slide camera strap. I specifically got it for the design and versatility.

You may ask why I went with Nikon over the other popular favorite, Canon. My answer isn’t some deep answer or even one coming from tons of research. I picked it because Nikon was the camera my AP art teacher used to take photos of our artwork for our portfolios. I figured if he thought it took photos that accurately represented our artwork, that it was a great brand.

I currently have two lenses. I don’t like to keep anything around that isn’t used regularly. For indoor studio work, I love my Sigma Art 35 1.4. It’s a beautiful lens that produces crisp images. For outdoors I prefer my Sigma 85 1.4. For kids, I don’t like to be too far away so I can talk to them so I wanted a lens that allows me to keep somewhat close while still creating that blurry background, bokeh, that I love.

House of Flynn cherry blossom mini evermore in studio by Baton Rouge photographer

My gear all lives in my House of Flynn Mini Evermore bag. I really love this bag. When I bought it, I panicked a bit because I thought I should have gone with the plain black bag over the cherry blossom print. Well, a little while later I decided to re-brand. I ended up going with a cherry blossom on with my logo. I didn’t even realize what I had done until the next day. I feel like that was my sign that the cherry blossoms was a good decision for both my brand as my bag.

So that’s it! You know all about what’s in my camera bag.

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