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You have read all the books. You’ve gone to classes. You’ve spent hours reading up on what it’s like and how to take care of your brand new tiny baby. As a Classic Baton Rouge baby photographer and mother, I’ve been there. I myself am a slightly obsessive researcher and over thinker. But I read everything I could. I was all over the internet, the mommy blogs, the mommy forums, reading books, and doing everything I could think of to help me get ready.

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But honestly nothing prepared me for having to take care of my first baby. It’s kind of hard to really get an idea of what it’ll be like until you’ve experienced it. And honestly, after each child I learned something new. I figured out how to make things easier on me and make for a happier baby. I’m still learning things as a newborn photographer. I’m learning about the best ways to soothe. How to tell why baby is upset. I’ll be honest. I was terrible at figuring out what my own kids needed. I just went though the list of things that made babies unhappy until something worked. But now I’m much better at it after working with so many different babies and seeing how each baby acts.

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Something else I learned is wrapping. I was a terrible baby wrapper with my own kids. I usually had my husband do it. He was great at it, but he couldn’t be there all the time. I really dived in to the art of baby wrapping after becoming a newborn photographer. I watched videos and practiced on a weighted doll. It still took time to get it to look how I wanted.

So why am I writing about all of this? First, I wanted to say to first time moms and even seasoned moms, that it’s ok that you don’t know everything or have all the answers for your new baby. They don’t come with instruction manuals. It’s a learning process for you and your little one. They’re learning to be out in this big strange world, and you’re adjusting to your new normal. Give yourself some grace. You don’t have to be supermom all day every day. I also wanted to say, it’s ok to make some mistakes. That’s how we learn. Even if this isn’t you’re first baby, this is an entirely different person with an entirely different personality. You two have to get to know each other. It’s ok if your having a difficult time adjusting, brand new or seasoned mama.

I wanted to include a link to an email series on things I’ve learned about how to soothe and comfort newborns. These are tips I’ve learned as a mom and as a newborn photographer. I hope it’s helpful.


Tips To Soothe Your Newborn


Mariko Searing, Classic Baton Rouge baby photographer, specializes in newborn portraiture. Mariko serves the greater Baton Rouge area. If you would like more information on session or would like to book, please contact me HERE.


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  1. Wow you are such a talented Baton Rouge newborn photographer! I wish you lived close to me and then I would totally use you when we were ready!

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  7. What wonderful and comforting advise for new moms in Baton Rouge! I know I could not wrap my newborn up well at all, this makes me feel better. As a photographer, I sure it puts extra pressure on you, but since you are such a professional you have it down to a science now!

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