Casual + Genuine

You want your wedding day to be about the moments you share with your future spouse surrounded by all the ones you love. You aren’t about every tiny detail being absolutely perfect. For you, it’s about getting to stand in front of all your favorite people and declaring your love for each other and the celebration you will have afterward. You’re a go-with-the-flow kinda couple who knows no matter what hiccups there may be, you’ll still end up married to your person ready to start your lives together as a married couple.

You want your wedding photos to be all about the emotion and the love you will feel that day. You want to make sure the laughter while you’re getting ready and the pure joy you have while you celebrate, are felt whenever you look back on your wedding day. No stiff or cheesy posed photos here. It’s all about the candid in-the-moment photos for you.

I love capturing the big moments with everyone and the little ones you may not remember on your whirlwind day. I’m all about capturing everything as it happens and making sure the emotions of the day show through your photos. I won’t spend the day getting you in the exact pose. If that sounds like what you’re looking check out more by clicking the button below.

– Mariko