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Why Mariko Searing Photography?

My style of photography is all about capturing moments as they happen on your wedding day. Sure there are a few posed photos. But the majority of your photos will be in the moment as it’s happening. Those are the ones that really show how special your day was and how much it all meant to you. The ones that you’ll cherish forever.

I love the joy it gives others when they see their photos from a moment that means so much to them. It’s amazing how much emotion can be in one photo. I’m honored that I’m invited to capture each couple’s wedding day as it unfolds and that I’m entrusted with their memories of that day.


It’s all about the real moments as they happen. The ones you want to remember when you look back on your wedding day.


You’ve got enough happening already on your wedding day. With me, your photos are planned in advance so I’m ready to tackle anything that may come our way.


It’s no secret that I love weddings. My time is spent focused on all things wedding without any distractions by spreading myself thin.

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Make sure all the important moments are captured on your special day with Mariko Searing Photography!

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Your wedding day isn’t just about getting married

Wait, what?!? Sure it’s about the love you share and the commitment you’re making to each other. But it’s also about sharing this milestone, a really big one, with the ones you love. It’s about:

  • That moment with your mom as she helps you in your dress as you get ready.
  • Knowing you made the right decision for a first look with your dad when you see his face.
  • Getting ready with all your favorite people knowing how much they love and support you.
  • The pure joy you feel dancing the night away with all your friends and family.
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