Denham Springs Child Photographer | 3 Tips for Awesome Photos Of Your Kids

child laughing in studio by Denham Springs photographer

As a mom and a Denham Springs child photographer, I know that taking photos of kids is hard. I mean really hard. They make funny faces when all you want is a natural smile. They look somewhere besides the camera or just won’t sit still. So I thought I’d give my tips for taking photos of your child.

  1. Getting that natural smile

To get a natural smile you really need to think about what makes them laugh. My youngest is about to turn two, so to get her to laugh all I have to do is laugh myself. A really loud exaggerated laugh works best. My older children think raspberries and fart noises are funny. I know you think you’ll look stupid, but kids love it. Tell jokes. Really just get on their level. You know them the best so you know what really makes them laugh. Don’t be afraid to do it. When you tell them to smile is when you get the cheesy grins. Really make them laugh to get the natural smiles.

2. Get on their level

Literally get on their level. Squat down, kneel down, lay down, whatever. Just get on their level. You get to see the world from their perspective and they just seem to be more comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, photos from your perspective are great too. But getting on their level gives variety.

3. Hang out with them

Just hang out with them and bring your camera. Do the things they like to do. Play outside, draw, read, or whatever else it is your child likes to do. Just make sure to take some photos while you’re doing it. You’ll get their personality and really capture who they are when you take photos this way.

So there you have it. My tips of taking awesome photos of your child. Now go out and do it. And remember to have fun while you take awesome photos.

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