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As a Denham Springs newborn photographer, I love all the bitty little outfits for newborn photography. I got it in my head that I could sew some outfits too. So today we’re going to take a look at my first attempts.

I should start by saying I’m terrible with a sewing machine. My husband is better at it than I am. He took sewing in high school (a teenage attempt to meet girls). I never took any classes. I’ve sewed a few things over the years, but I usually end up calling him over to help me. When I started this I asked him for some supervision. He said he would, but then got caught up with work. So I decided to just do it myself.

I got my patterns through Props By Posies. They have adorable patterns. Each pattern comes with a video detailing all the steps. They also have a Facebook groups you gain access to when you purchase a pattern. The patterns are bit pricey, but the group and instruction video make it worth it. This pattern is actually one of their free patterns. I chose it because it’s fairly simple.

Now I’m still not anywhere near where great at sewing, but I’m improving. You can only better with practice. All the fabric I used came from shirts I found at the thrift store. After making several pairs of pants, I now have a better idea of the type of fabric I need to make these outfits work.

Let’s look at my first attempt. I probably shouldn’t have gone with this type of material, to begin with. If you compare my first attempt and my second attempt, you can see that the fabric stretched out a great deal. I used dritz wash away tape instead of pins, but even that didn’t help with the amount that the fabric stretched. My husband thinks it’s fixable. I might go back and try again.

newborn pants in studio by Denham Springs photographer

The next photo is actually my third attempt. I forgot to take a photo of my second attempt. It was made with the same fabric as my third try. I’m actually not sure if this one is usable either. The fabric isn’t as stretchy as I’d like and the legs are on the narrow side. I’ll only know when I try them out.

newborn pants in studio by Denham Springs photographer

And here we are with attempt number four. I really love this rose lace fabric. I made this pair out of the arms because I want to make a romper from the body of the shirt. This is the first pair that I’m sure will be usable. There are still lots of mistakes, but none of them will show up in photos. Most of the mistakes are on the inside of the pants.

newborn pants in studio by Denham Springs photographer

And finally, we have come to the pair I made most recently. This pair is definitely my best so far. There are some issues with the stripes going in a kind of upward direction. This had to do with the fact that I needed the bottom of the legs to line up with the hem of the sweater. I did try to take care in making the stripes match up on the side seams. You are able to see the stitching on the waist because of the wonky stripes. But overall I’m pretty proud of myself.

newborn pants in studio by Denham Springs photographer

My next project is a romper. I plan on using a camisole I bought at Wal-Mart to use for ties on the pants that ended up not matching any of the fabric very well as a test run. I really want that rose stretch lace fabric to not get messed up when I attempt to make that one a romper.

So there you have it. I hope to show more of my attempts as I get better and try more patterns.


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