Do You Need Two Photographers At Your Wedding?

The number of photographers on your wedding day is one of many decisions you’ll have to make when deciding on what you need for your wedding photography coverage. Some photographers only offer two photographers, while others will give you the choice. If you’re faced with that choice you might not be sure if you really need a second photographer or not. Read on and I’ll share my tips on how to know if you need two photographers at your wedding.

1. Having a large wedding?

A large wedding can mean a few things when it comes to wedding photography. It’s just about the physical number of people there. If you’re having a bunch of guests, meaning 200+ guests, I always advise that you have two photographers. The larger the wedding the more you’ll need to have a second photographer to capture it all. This is also true of a large wedding party. If you have a large wedding party you can get photos done faster if the second photographer can help by getting other photos or helping the members of your wedding party get ready to go when it’s their time for a photo. A large venue also falls under this category. A large or spread-out venue will mean everything will take longer to get to when going between locations. Having another photographer who can take photos at the time in a different location will help save time.

2. Getting ready photos

Is it important to you that you have photos of both you and your future spouse getting ready before your wedding? It may seem a bit one-sided to only have photos of one of you getting ready. Your photographer can usually do a few fake getting-ready photos if they have time, but it’s not guaranteed and it’s not exactly the same thing. You miss some of the moments you or your future spouse has with their friends and family while getting ready. If that’s something that’s important to you or your future spouse then opt for a second photographer

3. All the angles

A second photographer allows you to have photos from multiple angles and compositions. Both photographers usually use different lenses and will stand in different places making sure to not be in the exact same place for long. This means that you’ll end up with photos that can capture more moments as well as see each moment from a different perspective. 

4. Have a large family?

Family photos can be time-consuming. One of the two things that can help speed up family photos is to have a pre-made list of family photos. The other is a second photographer. While they might not be taking photos at the time, they can round up the family and get them ready for their turn while the photographer is taking photos. 

5. Missed moments

One photographer can only do so much. They can only be in one place at a time. So those hilarious dance moves your cousin is doing on the dance floor will be captured even if your main photographer is taking photos somewhere else. When there are two photographers they can stagger things like getting water and bathroom breaks so nothing is missed while they’re gone.

6. More photos

It makes sense that more photographers mean more photos. One photographer can only take so many photos at any given moment. A second photographer adds to the number of photos your photographer is able to deliver to you. The second photographer is also about to take photos of other things going on while your main photographer focuses on making sure they get photos they know they need to have.

I know you have a million decisions to make so I hope these tips make one of your decision a little bit easier to make. If you have any questions or want me to explain anything in more detail don’t hesitate to contact me.

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