Exciting + Adventurous

For the two of you, it’s about the celebration of your wedding day. You’ve planned this amazing party and invited all your favorite people. You’re about to embark on a new adventure with your future spouse so why not celebrate with an epic party?

You both are all about trying new things and visiting amazing places together. You aren’t afraid to get a little dirty because it’s usually worth it in the end. All the amazing fun you have deserves to be captured so you can relive it every time you look back at them. For you it isn’t about the picture-perfect photos, it’s about capturing the excitement and fun.

I’m all about capturing the fun and excitement of a wedding day. I’m all about epic photos of the epic party you planned. Who wants boring yawn-inducing wedding photos? Not me that’s for sure. If this is what you’re looking for check out more here.

– Mariko