How To Choose Flowers for a Wedding – Things To Know

How To Choose Flowers for a Wedding

Something I often hear from my couples is they don’t know anything about flowers. How to choose flowers for a wedding? Floral design is overwhelming. I mean there’s a reason there are professional florists. There are tons of choices. There are so many colors, styles, textures, and price points. How do you make a decision?

Just finding a florist is an overwhelming decision in itself. There are so many choices in areas Like Baton Rouge and New Orleans. So while options can seem like a blessing they can quickly become a curse. 

So how do you choose a florist?
How do you choose your wedding flowers?

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After lots of conversations with couples, here are a few pointers I’ve picked up along the way. 

Identify Visual Quality

Not everyone has an unlimited budget for their wedding. If you do that’s awesome and you can hire a professional design team to take care of the whole thing. But if you do have a budget, choosing a wedding florist can make all the difference when decorating for your wedding.

Flowers are one of the key components of communicating the style and aesthetic of your wedding. You want to make sure your florist is on the same page as you are for your wedding. Do research on prospective florists’ social media and websites to get an idea of their work and what they will deliver.

While you’re doing your research make sure you keep two things in mind. First, beyond style, what is the quality of work. So they primarily have tightly structured arrangements? How well balanced are the bouquets? Make sure their work is consistent across the board. You don’t want to chance getting florals from someone who is inconsistent. This is something to keep in mind for all your wedding vendors. 

For something like a cake maker, you might be ok with cakes that aren’t the most intricate but taste amazing. You might choose a dress you can dance over the gorgeous dress you love, but can’t even sit in while wearing it. But florals are different. You aren’t tasting them (unless we’re talking edible flowers) and you won’t have to worry about how comfortable they are. Your flowers NEED to look good. So hire a florist with beautiful consistent work that vibes with your aesthetic. 

It’s all about the aesthetics

This is the time to figure out your own taste. Do research to figure out what you find beautiful. You need to know what vibe you want for your wedding and what florals will complement that style. Once you know your style you can look at prospective florists and find one that excels that the style you’re going for with your wedding. 

Something else to consider is how creative your prospective florist is and the color palettes they use. Does their work have variety? Does it look intentional? You want someone whose work you find breathtaking and speaks to you and your style. As with all things, beauty is personal so find someone whose work shares what you consider attractive. 

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‘Tis the Season!

Going with flowers that are in season really is the way to go and for a few reasons. The biggest reason is that florals that are in season in your area will be superior to florals that are flown or transported from other areas.

Flowers are perishable so they have to be refrigerated to be transported. While that will keep the flowers alive, it can give a fake feel to the flower. It makes them look obviously frozen in time. Flowers that are locally in season will always have a fresh beautiful look to them that transported flowers will neer have. 

There’s also the risk of importing your wedding florals. If your florals get stuck in customs they can be completely ruined by the time they get to you. Are you willing to take that risk?

Then there’s cost. Local flowers will be cheaper than anything that has to be shipped to you. Seasonal flowers for the WIN!

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While choosing flowers on your own can be overwhelming, finding the right florist can ease all those fears you may have. You’ll be more at ease with someone who understands your vision and can make it happen. 

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How To Choose Flowers for a Wedding

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