How To ROCK Your Wedding Photos

You’re looking forward to so much on your wedding day. You can’t wait to see the love of your life at the end aisle. You’re excited to say “I do” and walk back up the aisle as a married couple. You definitely can’t wait to celebrate with all your friends and family. Something you might not be so excited about is posing for your wedding photos. You dread the idea of looking awkward in your photos and certainly don’t want to look stiff and uncomfortable. 

I’ve put together some of my best advice for your wedding photos so that you look natural on your big day. Take a look at the tips below and you’ll be on your way to rocking your wedding day photos. 

Keep It Loose

Remember to not lock your elbows and knees. You look more relaxed and natural when your body looks more loose and less rigid and stiff. Sometimes it helps to shake it out if you’ve got wedding day nerves. 

Stand Up Straight

Pretend there’s an invisible string holding you up. Keep your shoulders back and your chin up and a little bit out.  

Mind Your Legs

For women especially, you want to keep the knee closest to the camera slightly bent with your weight on your back leg. Another option is to cross your legs while standing. While you might not be able to see your legs under your dress, these positions still help the way the rest of your body looks in photos.

Slow It Down

Movement while posing for photos shouldn’t be rushed. So if you’re walking, twirling, or even kissing, you want to slow it down. This allows your photographer to take lots of photos and ensures they get the perfect shot. This is especially true if you’re posing walking with a larger group where your photographer is trying to make sure everyone looks good and there are no awkward faces or movements in the photo. 

Keep Your Hands Busy

The most asked question I get from my couples is about what to do with their hands. Not knowing what to do with your hands can make you feel awkward which shows up in your photos. My advice is to keep them busy. You can put them in your pockets, around your other half, hold their hand, hold your dress, or even hold your veil. 

*Bonus Tip*

Trust your photographer. A good photographer knows how to get the best more natural-looking photos from their couple. Some of their requests may seem odd, but more often than not, it looks better than you feel. So trust your photographer as they’re taking your photos and you’ll see that they got some amazing photos from those strange awkward feeling poses.

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