How To Take Authentic Wedding Photos

Nothing’s worse than getting your photos back from your photographer and they just don’t look like you. The most important part of taking wedding photos is that they are authentic to you and who you are as a couple. If you’re uncomfortable or stiff it will be apparent in your photos. 

Here are a few of my best tips to have authentic wedding photos. I hope they help you take amazing photos on your wedding day.

groom sitting by window Orangerie wedding in Baton Rouge

Don’t get hung up on Pinterest or Instagram photos

It’s great to get ideas online, but don’t try to make all your photos about Pinterest or Instagram. That won’t leave any room for you to show yourself and who you are as a couple in your photos. You’ll end up spending all your time trying to recreate photos of other couples instead of taking the time to let the two of you shine in your photos.

It’s all about comfort

Don’t hesitate to let your photographer know if something feels wrong or uncomfortable. It’s ok to try new things, but if you feel uncomfortable it shows up in your photos. So be willing to try something new, but if you just don’t feel good about it, it’s also ok to move on to something else.

The Barn at TH Farm couple's portrait

Be you!

Don’t try to force yourself into something you’re not. So if you’re a goofy couple, be goofy. It’s you’re more serious and romantic, be serious and romantic. Your wedding photos are the time to let you both shine as a couple, so don’t spend your time trying to be another couple. That’s the fastest way to keep your photos from being authentic.

Now go and take some authentic and amazing wedding photos. I hope these tips help.

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