Introducing Mariko Searing Photography… again…

If you’re looking for Isabelle Rose Photography you’re in luck. No, you’re not lost. You’ve definitely made it to the right place.

Almost 7 years ago I started my business under my name. A few years in I decided to rebrand and became Isabelle Rose Photography. I used the middle names of both my daughters. I loved my new name and all went well for the next few years.

Fast forward to now. It was brought to my attention that Isabelle Rose Photography was very similar to a few other businesses, most importantly another photography business. Even though we specialize in different types of photography we were getting confused for each other. In an effort to differentiate myself from the other photographer I decided that it made the most sense to re-brand and move back to Mariko Searing Photography.

But what’s with the whole new look? Well, I figured a name change would be the perfect time to change my look too. My photos are colorful and vivid and I wanted my brand to show that too. The more colorful look just feel right to me. Plus it’s a little more fun.

While the appearance of my business may have changed, my goal of bringing photos that are full of love, laughter, and genuine moments to my couples hasn’t changed at all. I truly love getting to be a part of someone’s wedding and help make the memory special for them.

So if you’re looking for Isabelle Rose Photography, it’s still here. Just under a new *old* name with some extra color added in for fun.

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