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Wait a minute! Something looks a little different around here. Actually there’s a whole lot of different going on here. Well I’d like to introduce to you Isabelle Rose Photography, Baton Rouge Maternity Baby Photographer. So today I thought I’d tell you a little more about the changes and why I decided to make them.

Way back when I was deciding to go in to business I had to come up with a name. At the time I couldn’t come up with anything that felt right in my heart. So I went with the good old standby of my own name. But the reality is, I never really loved using my own name. Don’t get me wrong, I love my name, but I wanted to use something else that meant something to me.

So this change is something that’s been a long time in the making. I spent a long time even coming up with something I truly loved. In the end I went with family names. The names of people that are very special to me in my heart. You can’t go wrong with that now can you? My family has made me who I am and they influence every decision I make in my personal and professional life.

So over the past few weeks I’ve been hard at work with legal papers and filings, a new logo, a new website, and other things to get this change fully realized. But don’t worry. Even if you forget that I changed my website, my old web address forwards to my new one. My old email address forward to my new email. I’m currently working on getting my social media all switched over. That’s something I have to wait on the social media powers that be to approve.

I hope that you like the change. I’ll be making more announcements about it over all my platforms for the time being. I want to make sure everyone knows about this exciting change.

Mariko Searing is the photographer behind Isabelle Rose Photography, Baton Rouge Maternity Baby Photographer. If you would like more information about a session or to book, go to the contact me page or email me at [email protected].

Baton Rouge Maternity Baby Photographer

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