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As a custom Baton Rouge maternity photographer, I love everything from maternity to babies. There’s something really beautiful about new life and the mamas that make it happen. I love to photograph them and I want to make them feel beautiful. I know sometimes it’s the not most glamorous time when it comes to motherhood, but every mama should celebrate their beauty as they bring in new life to the world.

When I met Janeese I knew she was going to make this session easy. I mean look at her! She’s gorgeous! I really hope that I was able to capture her and her beautiful baby bump perfectly. She showed up to her session with this gown and I love it. It was the reason I ended up buying a white gown for my own maternity client closet. I think the color really brings the focus on the mama.

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Next she put on one of my own maternity gowns. I was originally hesitant about the color when I bought it, but once she put it on, all my hesitation disappeared. This color was made for her.

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This is hands down my favorite photo from the session. I love how you can really see the love for her little one. I love how this walkway brings the focus to her. I just can’t get enough of everything about this photo.

baton rouge maternity photo outfits maternity shoot picutes

There are so many things to celebrate in our lifetimes. I love that I to get to be a part of some of the most important ones. This is why I’m a photographer. It’s the love and beauty that I want to preserve for new families that makes me happy. If I can share that and make someone else happy, than I’ve reached my goal.

Mariko Searing is a custom Baton Rouge maternity photographer specializing in maternity and newborns through the first year. If you would life more information on how you can preserve your memories, please head on over to my contact page or email me at [email protected]

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