Newborn Photographer in Baton Rouge | 4 Mistakes You’re Making With You Digital Images

4 mistakes you're making with your digital files by newborn photographer in Baton Rouge

As a newborn photographer in Baton Rouge, I deal with a lot of digital files. Something I’ve noticed is that people truly believe that digital files are archival as well as a great way to back up their images. Unfortunately that’s not true. Personally I prefer to have a combination of printed images as well as digital images make sure I don’t lose any of my own precious memories.

Once upon a time I was absolutely convinced that all I needed was the digital files. But now I’ve learned so much more about storage and backup of my images. I thought I’d share some of what I’ve learned so that you may hold on to those captured memories for years to come.

  1. Your images only live online

Unless you are uploading your images to your own hosted website, you are giving them up to the mercy of the owner of whatever site you put your images on. That site or social media platform could be gone tomorrow along with the hundred or thousands of images you put on there. Even if you deciding to download the images you upload, you’re losing quality. They are most likely no longer high resolution. This also bring about another point.

2. Backup Backup Backup

I currently have all my client images backed up in three separate locations. My backups have backups. Things happen. Computers crash. Cell phones get smashed to bits. Hard drives fail. I actually had a hard drive fail earlier this year, but I was able to access my images through one of my other backups. It was a pain to do, but I didn’t love anything. Even if you have the cloud, did it update so you have that cute picture you didn’t want to lose before you lost everything? Do you really want to take a chance on that?

3. Organization

I’m not the most organized person in the world, but when it comes to my client images, I have a system. Everything is organized by year, name, and date. I’ve also further organized all client images by file type. With my personal images I organize by year and month. Any special event is specifically named within that month. I want to be able to find my images fast. It also helps me not lose any images in the shuffle.

4. Not printing

Are your images sitting in a drawer? Are they lost on your Facebook feed only to come up once a year in your “On this day”? Are they only on the screen of your phone or computer? Print your images! Just do it. In the next hundred years technology will change drastically. Just look how far we’ve come in the last hundred years. Will Facebook be even be around? Instagram? What I’m trying to get at here is that we still have photographs from 100 years ago. People have passed them down through the generations. I know for one that I can’t use a CD of images with any of my current devices. I’d have to go buy something to get images off a CD. My computer doesn’t have a slot for CDa. At some point CDs will be completely obsolete. They’re on their way that way now. The USB will be next. Someone out there is always designing the newest most effective ways to store files. It’s only a matter of time. So please print your images. The lifespan of a printed image is so much longer than a digital file.

If digital images are your thing that’s fine, But please take the time to make sure they’re protected. I personally think having both printed and digital files is the best of both worlds.

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