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04162018 denham springs traditional newborn photographer 0003I take safety seriously when it comes to newborns. As a Denham Springs traditional newborn photographer and mother, I understand that these tiny babies are fragile. There are so many adorable poses that parents love but aren’t aware that these poses are usually an illusion or a composite of two or more photos. I myself didn’t know these poses weren’t exactly as they seemed until I started studying newborn photography.

Photoshop is an amazing tool. And one of the amazing things it allows me to do is to take two separate photos and to put together into one photo. In each photo the baby is safely supported by a spotter at all times. So while it may look like baby is holding up their own head or defying gravity, in reality they aren’t. These poses should only be done by someone who knows exactly how to do them properly. Unfortunately, I’ve seen some unsafe posing and it makes my heart hurt. Newborn are jumpy. I myself have had babies jump while I’m posing them. But since I’m always nearby or have a spotter right there, the baby was always safe. Something else about newborn that’s important to note is that they have large heads in proportion to their bodies. Their little wrists cannot take the weight of their heads. So with that cute pose with their head resting on their hands they not only could they jump out of that pose, the pose itself can be damaging to their little bodies.

I’ve included a few photos where I haven’t edited anything yet and then the finished image to show exactly how much is taken out and how baby is always supported. Even when switching the placement of the spotter’s hands change. I put my own hands on the baby to make sure they are never in gravity defying pose without hands on them. I hope this helps give a better idea of how these poses are achieved.

04162018 denham springs traditional newborn photographer 000104162018 denham springs traditional newborn photographer 0002

Denham Springs traditional newborn photographer, Mariko Searing, specializes in baby’s first year. She is a traveling photographer and serves the greater Baton Rouge Area. If you’d like to get or information or would like to find out more about a session check out the contact page or email her at [email protected].


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  1. Safety should be the number one priority for a newborn photographer! I am so happy to see that you take great strides to ensure that for your Baton Rouge clients, and I know they feel the same!

  2. This is such a great way to emphasize the importance of safety among newborn photographers! I love how each photo comes together to create the final image, and each step of the way baby was always comfortable and safe. Baton Rouge sure is lucky to have you!

  3. Thank you for writing about this!! It’s so important for a newborn photographer to photograph safely. I’m sure your clients in Baton Rouge are grateful for your knowledge.

  4. Safety is top priority- your Baton Rouge families can rest assured when they hire you as their newborn photographer

  5. This is awesome I love that you show how to safely do these poses. Is awesome that Baton Rouge has a newborn photographer so focused on the safety and well being of their precious little clients!!! 

  6. Safety is SO IMPORTANT! I love that you did this. Baton Rouge isn’t too far from Texas, we will have to get us a group of photographers together to go explore outdoors and photograph. 🙂

  7. When it comes to being a newborn photographer, safety is number 1!  Baton Rouge is lucky to have you!

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