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There are two main types of newborn photography. As a Baton Rouge area newborn photographer, I love both types. They are unique in their own ways, and both show the precious first weeks of your baby’s life. But I’ve found that there may be some confusion between the two. So I thought I’d make a blog post about the two different types of newborn photography.

Posed Newborn

The first type, and my personal favorite, is posed newborn photography. This type is when the baby is posed in different props and on a large poser. You know those cute photos of the baby with their chin in their hands or curled up on a backdrop? Yup, that’s a posed newborn. Lots of times in a posed session the parent or parents are holding their baby. Everyone will still be posed. This is the type of photography I do. I love the outfits, posing, and pretty much everything about this style.

Lifestyle Newborn

The second type is lifestyle newborn sessions. This type of photography is when it looks as if you’ve taken a glimpse of everyday life with the new baby and family. I love the realness and the emotion of these types of sessions. The baby isn’t posed very much and instead the focus is on the interactions between the baby and their family. The photographer may wrap the baby up and show them in their crib or being held by the parents or other family members. This type of photography doesn’t have many backdrops. Instead the photos are taken in the family’s home. While I travel to my client’s homes for my posed sessions, I bring my own backdrops and set ups with me. I don’t have any examples of lifestyle sessions to show as I’m not a lifestyle newborn photographer, but I recommend Googling “lifestyle newborn photography” and taking a look to see the differences in the session types.

Below I’ve included a few examples of posed newborn photography to get a better idea of what a posed newborn session looks like. I hope this blog post has helped!

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Mariko is a Baton Rouge area newborn photographer. If you would like to know more about the MSP experience join the MSP Family HERE! You’ll also get all the inside news on sessions, discounts, and other fun studio news. If you would like to book a posed newborn session contact me HERE.

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