Rosedown Plantation St. Francisville Engagement Session | Chelsea + Brad

I was really excited to get to meet Chelsea and Brad for their Rosedown Platation St. Francisville engagement session. In the last blog I posted I talked about how Windrush Gardens is one of most asked for locations for engagements. Well Rosedown Plantation is another popular location. I can totally see why. It’s gorgeous with massive trees and moss everywhere. I can see why my couples choose this location over and over.


Chelsea and Brad are the sweetest couple. They met through friends but didn’t start dating until Chelsea made an appointment for a dental checkup (Brad’s a dentist). They like to say that was their first date. I mean, how incredibly cute is that?


I also made a highlight engagement film as a surprise for them. Take a look at it below.

I’m so excited to share their engagement photos. When I say they rocked their shoot, I mean it. So instead of telling you more about how wonderful Brad and Chelsea were. Or how amazing their photos turned out. How about I show you? Check them out below.

Couple holding each other at Rosedown Plantationcouple holding hands and walking at Rosedown Plantationcouple touching foreheads at Rosedown Plantation woman holsing man at Rosedown Plantation man dipping woman and kissing at Rosedown Plantation couple nuzzling at Rosedown Plantation couple kissing at Rosedown Plantation couple posing at Rosedown Plantation couple sitting on bench at Rosedown Plantation couple posing at Rosedown Plantation man surprising woman at at Rosedown Plantation couple walking away at at Rosedown Plantation man lifting woman in the air at Rosedown Plantation couple sitting on stairs at Rosedown Plantation


I hoped you enjoyed Chelsea and Brad’s Rosedown Plantation St. Francisville engagement session as much as I enjoyed photographing it.

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