Sweet + Romantic

couple having first dance

For you, it’s all about love. You want your photos to show your love for your future spouse to everyone who sees them. And why not? It’s that what your wedding day is all about? It’s a celebration of your love for each other. You want to make sure that moment when you declare your love for each other in front of all your favorite people is captured so that you can feel it all over again every time you look at your wedding photos.

You are a caring and thoughtful person so it’s not just about you and your love for each other, it’s about the love you feel for all your friends and family. It’s about the love they feel for you.

Your wedding day is a celebration of love so why not have the love bursting from your photos too? You want all the romantic moments between the two of you captured. Not just the obvious ones in front of everyone, but the little ones that you share between the two of you.

I’m all about the romance of it all. I mean, why be a wedding photographer if I don’t want to capture love? I want you to feel something when you look back at your wedding photos. If this sounds like what you’re looking for check out more here.

– Mariko