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I know that you are probably pretty busy while getting ready for the arrival of your new baby. As a mother of 3 that specializes in  Baton Rouge Newborn Photography myself, I especially know how much there is to do to get ready for a baby. But something I’ve noticed is more often than not, people will wait to book their newborn session. So today I thought I’d talk about why it’s important to book early.

The number one reason why booking your newborn session early is important is that newborns are only so little for so long. The optimal time for a newborn session is in the first 2-ish weeks. Some babies will sleep and pose like a under 2 weeker, but for the most part, the younger the better. Now there are things that can be done, and you can still get lovely photos of your baby. But there are limitations.

One of the other reasons to get your session in early is the photographer you pick might be booked. Most newborn photographers only take a specific number of newborns a month. Because babies are on their own schedule, there is a possibility that all the babies decide to come at the same time. I know I, as a newborn photographer, want to make sure I can provide the best service possible to all my clients. I can’t do that if I take on too many newborns. For that reason your chosen photographer may not be able to take you on once your baby has arrived. Booking early ensures you have a spot with your newborn photographer.

There you have it. Some of the reasons why I think it’s important to book your newborn session early. I hope this was helpful. Ig you’d like more information about Baton Rouge newborn photography with Isabelle Rose Photography just click here and send a message or email me directly at [email protected].

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