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baby photographer in baton rouge isabelle rose photographyI did it with maternity sessions, now it’s time for newborn sessions. As a baby photographer in Baton Rouge, I understand how life can get so hectic that you just decide to no have a newborn portrait session with your new arrival. There’s so much to get ready for, and once they’re here you’re so sleep deprived that you’re running on autopilot. But I’ve put together a list of reasons why mom’s will decide to skip a newborn session.

  1. I think it’s too late to book a session

You got caught up in all things baby with your little one coming that you forgot to book a session. That’s ok. While there is an idea time for a newborn session, those rules aren’t hard and fast. And even if it’s past the idea time, I can work around it so you can still have beautiful photos of your little one. If you are wondering when the ideal time to book a newborn session, check out the blog I wrote about it here.

2. Prepping for a session is so overwhelming

There’s so much going on. Now you have to figure out what you want for your session. I got you! We plan the session beforehand and I try to make sure you have the perfect session. We talk colors, props and poses you might want to include, and anything else important you want to make sure you include in your session. I help guide you through the planning process.

3. I didn’t have a session with my other children

I understand how you want to be fair with all your children. But things change. Just because you didn’t have a session with your other child or children, doesn’t mean you should do one with your new baby. There are a million reason why you didn’t have a session then, but if you can, do it now. Your children will only be small for so long. Preserve that time while you can. Also, I love to include siblings in newborn sessions. Having older sibling included in your newborn’s session is a great idea to preserve those memories to look back on.

4. I don’t want to deal with leaving the house with a newborn

Well then I’m the newborn photographer for you. I travel to my clients. No worrying about if you packed enough diapers, have enough formula, brought your nursing over, or have that extra set of clothes just in case. I bring my entire studio with outfits, headbands, lights, props, and anything else I need with me. I just need a little room to set up and we’re good to go. I love providing this service to my clients because I know it’s stressful to leave the house with a new baby.

Mariko Searing, baby photographer in Baton Rouge, specializes in maternity, newborns, and babies. If you’d like to book a session or have any questions, click HERE.

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