Top 5 Things To Look For In A Wedding Venue

Top 5 Things To Look For In A Wedding Venue

You’re engaged and super excited to start planning your wedding day. The first thing on your wedding planning list? The venue. The options for venues are vast and there are so many factors that you should take into consideration when checking out venues.

Here are the top 5 things to look for in a wedding venue.

The Orangerie wedding venue

Make sure there’s plenty of room.

Before you even start your search for the perfect wedding venue, you need to know how many people you plan to invite. It’s important that the venue you choose will be able to accommodate your guest list. You don’t want your guests all packed in the venue like a can of sardines.

If you want to get the best idea of what a venue can accommodate is to visit while it’s being set up for the wedding. This way you can see how the tables, chairs, and DJ will all be set up in the space.

Determine the level of privacy you want.

Will your wedding be the only event held that day? Some venues will have more than one wedding or even on the same day. Is that ok with you? Do you want more privacy?

If you’re choosing to have your wedding in a public area, like a park or garden, will you be ok with random people walking by? You’ll have less control of what is going on outside of your wedding. If you’d rather avoid all that, a private venue is the way to go.

Lake House Wedding Venue

Study the flow and organization of the space.

Take into consideration the flow of the venue and how it will be set up on your wedding day. Where will people eat and dance? Where will the cake go? Will it become awkward and hard to move around with the set that the venue already has? If you’re having the ceremony in the same location, where will that take place? It might be in the same place as the reception and you’ll have to consider setup and take down times and where your guests will have to go during those times.

Pay attention to the décor.

Take a look at the existing decor of the venue. Will it clash with your wedding colors and planned decor? Is it a nice clean palette to decorate with your theme? It will help to bring your wedding colors with you in some way to make sure the venue will work for those colors.

couple praying in barn

Take note of the details.

What seems small now might become a larger problem on your wedding day. Look at the parking situation. Will there be enough for your guests? If not, are you willing to provide a parking solution like a trolley or bus? This might not be a deal breaker for you, but it makes for add-on costs to your budget.

Something else to consider is the acoustics of the venue. Will it distort the music? Will there be enough electrical outlets for your vendors? Don’t wait till the big day to find out there aren’t enough outlets for your band or DJ.

Keep these tips in mind while you’re looking at venues to help make your decision.

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Top 5 Top 5 Things To Look For In A Wedding Venue

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