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Bring on the laughter, the tears, the love, and the party to celebrate it all

The Wedding Experience

This day will be one that you want to remember everything from start to finish. You’ll want to see the moments you may have been too busy to notice because you were trying to contain your excitement. Or maybe you were too nervous to really take in everything that was going on to remember when you saw your one and only at the end of the aisle. 

You want a photographer who is easygoing, can handle anything a wedding day can throw at them, and will help keep your day stress-free so you can truly enjoy every second of that day. If that sounds like you click that button below and let’s get this party started.

Hey there!

I’m Mariko. Your friendly neighborhood wedding photographer.

I’ve been there. I was a bride that wasn’t comfortable in front of a camera. I didn’t want to look awkward or stiff in our photos, but I would always freeze when I got in front of a camera. 

So when I say I get it, I really mean I get it. That’s why I want you to feel comfortable in front of the camera. You won’t have to worry about looking unnatural so you can focus on living in the moment on your wedding day. 

I’m all about capturing moments as they happen on your wedding day. Sure there are a few posed photos. But the majority of your photos will be in the moment as it’s happening. Those are the ones that really show how special your day was and how much it all meant to you. The ones that you’ll cherish forever.

Weddings Stories

Unique films of your day

The way I make wedding story films is a little unique. I film clips while I’m photographing your wedding day. They’re a little more like a home movie. Your photos and film will all be from the same point of view allowing them to complement each other while telling the full story of your wedding day. Engagement session Save the Date films are also available.

Your Story

Documentary Wedding Photography

What is a documentary wedding photographer? Good question. Your photos will focus on the genuine moments as they happen. There will be less focus on poses and making everything editorial magazine perfect. Your photos will show joy, happiness, tears, excitement, and everything in between. Sounds like what you’ve been looking for? Just click the button below and let’s this started.


I offer completely custom wedding Coverage that’s tailored to your needs. No worries about having something in your package you don’t want. Wedding collections start at 2000. Bridal and Engagement Sessions are also available.

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