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You said yes! You’re on cloud nine and you don’t think you could get any happier. But now that the newness has worn off, you realize there are so many things to do to plan for your wedding and you have no idea where to start. What you need is a wedding planning checklist.

 As a Baton Rouge wedding photographer and former bride, I definitely know something about wedding planning. Being in the wedding industry has given me some insight into planning as I watch my own couples plan their own weddings. 

I’ve put together a list of a few things to start your wedding planning with some insight from a wedding professional. I hope this list helps you as you begin planning.

Choose your wedding date

The first thing you need to do is decide on a wedding date. Certain dates tend to be more popular than others. While summer weddings may be popular in other parts of the country, in south Louisiana spring and especially fall weddings are more popular. So when choosing your wedding definitely think about the busier times of the year. If you don’t know the dates that are more popular, ask someone in the wedding industry. I know I’m more than happy to let people know which dates are popular. 

Figure out a rough guest list

Do you have a large family or lots of friends you want to invite? Are you looking at a smaller more intimate wedding. These both factor into how many people you need your venue to accommodate. 

Look at venues

Each venue can offer a different feel for your wedding. Are you looking for rustic? Modern? Traditional? I highly suggest looking at photos of venues you love. After you narrow down the venues you love take the time to give each one a visit to make sure they offer everything you need and want.

In the Baton Rouge area? I put together a list of my favorite venues in the Baton Rouge area that you might want to check out.

My favorite Baton Rouge venues

Pick a photographer

First, I highly recommend figuring out the style you want for your wedding photos. Do you want bright and colorful photos? Is dark and moody more your thing? Each photographer has their own style and they not only specialize in that style, they work in a way to maximize that style. Something else to think about is that wedding photographers tend to be the second or third vendor hired after choosing the venue. So the earlier you choose a photographer, the better. Especially for those popular dates I mentioned earlier.

Look at other wedding venders

Who will you choose for your florals, cake, wedding attire, dj, etc? These all will help bring together the overall style and look of your wedding. 

I hope this helped you at least get started thinking about wedding planning after the excitement of your engagement has had a chance to really set in. 

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