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pregnant woman in white dress outdoors mariko searingphotography baton rouge professional maternity newborn photographerPreviously I wrote a blog post about the concerns and questions I’ve heard about newborn sessions. This week I thought I’d answer some questions I’ve come across when booking a maternity session. As a Baton Rouge Professional Maternity Newborn Photographer, I think capturing your pregnancy is just as important a capturing your new baby. But some common concerns I’ve come across have kept many mama’s to be from booking a maternity session. I hope that I’m able to answer some questions and alleviate some worries you may have about booking a maternity session.

What if I don’t like how I look?

I completely understand being self conscious about how you look while pregnant. But this is a beautiful time and you are doing an amazing thing. But I do pose my mamas to be in the most flattering ways to make sure to accentuate your growing bump and make you look your best.

What if I want to include my family?

Family is welcome! I love to include your immediate family in your maternity photos. These is an exciting time for your whole family and they should be part of the photos to document your pregnancy.

What if I don’t know what to wear?

I have several beautiful gowns in different colors available for my clients to wear. My gowns are designed to make you look your best and accentuate your baby bump. If you choose not to wear one of my gowns, I’m more than happy to offer my advice on what to wear and what will look best in photos.

I hope I’ve answered some of your questions and concerns about having a maternity session. As a Baton Rouge Professional Maternity Newborn Photographer, I want you to love all your photos and be comfortable during your session.

If you have any more questions about a maternity or newborn session, I’m happy to answer them. You can reach me from my contact page or directly through email at [email protected].



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  1. As a Baton Rouge Newborn Photographer, it is so amazing to see you working with your maternity clients to educate and put concerns to rest. What a wonderful experience you give your clients!

  2. Great advice! It’s so important for a maternity and newborn photographer to know these tips and share them with clients. Baton Rouge is lucky to have your services! 

  3. Baton Rouge is so SO lucky to have you as a maternity and newborn photographer. I love seeing your creative photography vision come to life!

  4. Such helpful advice!  All of your Baton Rouge newborn clients will fall in love with your photography and book a maternity session as well!

  5. This Baton Rouge mama is so beautiful! I’m sure she’s glad she hired you to do her newborn photography as well. You’re a lucky photographer!

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