What should I wear for my engagement photos?

The question has been popped, you’ve celebrated with all your friends and family, and you’re still riding the excitement of your engagement. But now it’s time to take your engagement photos, but you have no idea what to wear for your engagement photos.

The question “What should I wear for my engagement photos?” is by far one of the most popular questions I get from couples. So I’ve put together some of my best advice for couples so that they look their best in their photos. Take a look below and I hope this helps you check one more thing off your wedding to-do list.

What colors should we choose?

I recommend softer colors, jewel tones, and neutrals. These colors photograph the best and don’t distract away from your faces. You should stay away from ultra-bright and neon colors. Those colors not only detract from you, they also don’t print well when you go to get your photos printed. 

Should we match?

You should coordinate, not match. If you don’t match in your everyday life, why match for your photos? I always advise that you each wear a different dominant color, but it’s great to incorporate some of the other’s dominant color in your own outfit in your accessories. Since one of you will most likely choose your outfit first, make sure you have that outfit in mind while choosing the other’s outfit..

Casual or dressy?

Ultimately I always say that if you really aren’t into wearing dressy clothes, then avoid it. But it’s really up to you. If you want variety in your photos, choosing both a casual and dressy option best way to go. If you’re going to wear both a dressy and a casual outfit, I always tell my couples to wear their dressy outfit first. Since this is usually the less comfortable outfit it’s better to get it over first and then move on to something more comfortable. Ultimately, going casual and dressy is up to you and your comfort level.

Dress For Comfort

If you feel uncomfortable in whatever you choose to wear, it will show up in your photos. If what you’re wearing cuts into you the wrong way or is too small/too big and you don’t like it, you can see it on your face. Avoid wearing something that emphasizes a feature you don’t like about yourself. Instead wear something that emphasizes your favorite features. More often than not, if you wear something that emphasizes a feature you don’t like, that’s all you’ll end up focusing on when you see your photos. So while everyone else will focus on your beautiful photos, all you’ll see is what you don’t like about yourself.

Wear weather Appropriate Clothing

Don’t pile on the heavy fabrics when it’s warm outside. Don’t wear thin fabrics or go sleeveless if it’s cold. You don’t want to look like a sweaty mess or have goosebumps in your photos. 

couple walking away at at Rosedown Plantation

Bring Comfy Shoes

Something I advise if you’re going to wear heels for your photos is to bring a pair of comfortable shoes to walk around in. There’s usually a good amount of walking during photo sessions so if your shoes aren’t comfortable to walk longer distances, bring a pair of comfy shoes to wear while you’re walking between locations. 

Now you’ve got my best advice and tips for what to wear for your engagement photos. I hope they help you look and feel amazing in your engagement photos.

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